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Trauma & Domestic Abuse

What You Need to Know

Domestic abuse is not just physical violence. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. Two women PER WEEK and 30 men per year (pre-Covid) are killed as a result of domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is often the sly nasty word to 'keep you in line'. The comments to make you question your sanity. The isolating from friends and family. The odd twist of the arm in public when no one is looking. The lies told about you, to you, to your family. Domestic abuse is often the unspoken violence between husband and wife.  It is wrong.  Not only is it a criminal offence, it is also not what God wants for your life.

Many of us have suffered from traumatic events.  'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger' is the phrase often used when we have 'survived' a trauma.  Many of us will have had a loving family or a close friend who will have helped us through and prevented the trauma from deeply rooting itself inside of us.  But what if you don't have help?  What if you are a child and experience neglect or abuse or witness those things in your household.  What happens to the trauma then?  Trauma can deeply affect us, especially those who feel they don't have a voice.

What can you do?  Firstly, pray.  Secondly, educate yourself as to what both of these issues are.  I am passionate about raising the awareness of both domestic abuse and childhood trauma and will often write about them.  I also run training courses for those who want to understand more.  Thirdly, advocate for those victims who don't have a voice.  Write to your local MP to lobby for better mental health services and NHS provision.  Ask your local women's refuge how you can help. And above all else, never lose hope. Never give up. Keep on fighting. And for those who have left a season of pain and disappointment behind them, help those around you to find the light.

If you are suffering from domestic abuse or you know someone who is, I've put a list of some specialist domestic abuse agencies on the HELP page.

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